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Our Story


When Kim saw Lori performing as a singer/songwriter in a concert years ago, she hardly knew that years later their paths would cross and create something magical. Fast forward almost fifteen years when they were introduced by a mutual friend as Kim moved to Nashville. They quickly realized that they were a powerful team. Lori brought her passion for nutrition coaching and fitness training to her repertoire (while still performing), and Kim brought her passion for helping others live their best lives as a therapist and life coach.

Together, Kim & Lori realized that while they were in different fields, they faced the same challenges: clients who were stuck. They decided it was time to face the issues head on and tackle the mindsets, fears, obstacles, distraction, and negative self-talk that were keeping their clients from moving forward. That is where Coming Unglued was born. Bringing together the whole-body connection.

Join us on the podcast, as our guests share their stories of personal transformation and the tools necessary to help you reach your fullest potential. Whether you’re stuck in a big Superglue kind of way, or maybe just bogged down with some Elmer’s, we know you’ll hear something that can help set you free.